The Gutenberg Galaxy's 50th Anniversary

On September 6, 2011, The Treehouse Group, University of Toronto Press, and This Is Not A Reading Series convened at the Gladstone Hotel to host a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the release of Marshall McLuhan’s seminal text, The Gutenberg Galaxy. (You can check out the excellent new edition from U of T Press here.)

Attendees watched PowerPoint Karaoke featuring three local thinkers: the CBC’s Jesse Hirsh, award-winning poet George Elliott Clarke, and Diaspora Dialogue’s Natalie Kertes. Our karaoke stars were given the same 10 images and 10 quotes from The Gutenberg Galaxy and were tasked with creating a presentation that spoke to the influence of McLuhan in the 21st century. A live tweet wall hosted missives from all over Canada, including McLuhan’s birthplace (Winnipeg).

Michael, Eric and Elizabeth Mcluhan were there to witness the riffs on their father’s legacy. You can take a look at their take on him here.

Jesse Hirsh’s PowerPoint Karaoke


George Elliot Clarke's PowerPoint Karaoke