North By Northeast Interactive (NXNEI)

On June 15, 2012, we were thrilled to be a part of North By North East Interactive (NXNEi) for an hour-long seminar entitled Graffiti Goes Global: How Streetart Culture Thrives Online. 

During our session, two graffiti artists, a street-art curator (Well & Good's Lisa Martin), and Treehouse Group Executive Director Joseph Wilson discussed the merits of graffiti in the age of digital media, from on-line curated graffiti galleries, to trading YouTube videos.

Our favourite tip of the day: pick a graffiti handle that is easily Googleable. It works for Troy Lovegates, who used to just use the name Other.

You can check out the Decimal’s Rebuilt Project for a taste of the next generation of graffiti art in the age of digital media, and take a look at the Well & Good page for information about Toronto's graffiti and contemporary art scene.