Orientation: Cape Farewell

On September 3, 2008, The Treehouse Group had the opportunity to lead 30 international high school students in an evening of activities at the MaRS Discovery District, as part of the Orientation Programming for the Cape Farewell project. The students subsequently travelled to the Arctic for two weeks to undertake art and science projects with the goal of raising awareness about climate change.

After “speed-networking for ideas”, the students acted out the roles of different stakeholders in the climate change crisis while engaging in a round of treaty negotiations. US government officials went toe-to-toe with environmental scientists, and Chinese government representatives argued with the CEOs of import/export companies over what to do about the problem of climate change. At one point, the corn farmers went on strike and the citizens threatened to form a coalition to unseat the government if they refused to subsidize green energy alternatives. Throughout the proceedings, journalists reported on the progress of treaty talks, sending headlines to the editor to be posted on the news-feed.


We were captivated and touched by this video documenting the travels of the young artists and scientists we had met, which follows them as they explore Arctic waters, recording data and interpreting the experience as they go. Keep an eye out for the segment featuring the junk yard band on Baffin island: we gave them the drumsticks they are using during the orientation session at MaRS.