Treehouse Talks :: March Edition

Spring must be right around the corner. Yes, that’s right: we’re back with another round of Treehouse Talks! As always, the Spring 2011 session is loaded with exciting and innovative speakers who appear at first glance to have nothing in common – a theoretical physicist, a politician, an artist, and many more – but Treehousers know that where 3 ideas collide, countless more emerge.

Speaking of collisions, the first set of Talks begins with a bang on Friday March 4th, 2011, at 6:20pm at MaRSDD. We are hosting:

  • Father Joseph Ogbonnaya, whose life has taken him from the hardships of Nigeria to the rigour of doctoral study, will discuss how international development must be examined integrally to incorporate aspects of social justice and other human values.
  • Sheila McCook, a former journalist and keen observer of words and people, will track the evolution of newspaper headlines over the past 50 years. Will newspapers’ current elegant appearance ensure their longevity?
  • Dr. Jordan Peterson, a psychologist who specializes on human emotions in situations of fear and anxiety, will take time from his busy practice to help the audience plan their ideal future, rationale, and strategy.

We’re all looking forward to seeing you there.

As always, you’re welcome to continue the conversations after the show (8pm) at Mercatto next door.

Welcome to the Treehouse!