Treehouse Talks :: April 1st

On April 1, participants were treated to another great round of Treehouse Talks:

  • Loreen Barbour shared some of her pictures from a recent trip to Northern Russia including an eight course sampler of food from Siberia. Most of it had meat, but thankfully she left the pureed liver + mayonnaise dish behind.
  • Russell Zeid shared some stories from his life as an engineer/artist, building a life-sized Albertosaurus model out of junk-yard scraps for a mall in Calgary. Check out his video here as he explains his philosophy of nexialism, the “meta-science” of intersection between science and art.
  • Niclolas Rouleau did a fantastic job of wrapping things up with an argument about the evolution of legal thinking in international development. If we want to provide legal structure for people in developing countries in order to nurture economic growth, how do we do it without stepping all over the unwritten rules that already exist in their culture?

Next month’s talk promises to be fantastic. We’re back to our first Friday of the month slot on May 7th, 6pm in CR2 at MaRS, and our line-up looks great:

  • Mike Paduada on careers from Math to the Moon
  • Steve Ferrara on street art in Toronto
  • Mirella Amato on the challenges of Beerology

Come early to get a seat (and cookies)!

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