Treehouse Talks :: April 13, 2012

The Treehouse Talks are back in the Appel Salon at the Reference Library! And we sure have an exciting lineup for you. Come hear a physicist explain why the cultural gap between science and politics matters. Help a journalist and entrepreneur to understand news aggregation websites by creating and curating a “Prismatic feed” and several “ traps”. And experience how immigrants with English as a second language integrate into the Canadian workplace and build a new life.

  • MARCIUS EXTAVOUR: Science and politics don’t mix… or do they?
  • ERIN BURY: Tapping into Interest Graphs to Curate Online News
  • JORGE ULLOA: The Global Water Cooler — Multiculturalism in the Workplace

The Appel Salon bar opens at 5:30pm; Treehouse Talks begin at 6:30pm. Drop in after work and bring a friend. Conversations will continue after the show (8:30pm) just down the street at The Pilot in Yorkville.

Welcome to the Treehouse!

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