A big thank-you to the nearly 100 people who crammed into CR2 at MaRS last Friday for the inaugural Treehouse Talks lecture. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here’s a little taste of what you missed to pique your interest for the next one:

  • Dan Falk explored the world of time from the perspective of science and philosophy, and even performed an experiment to determine how people estimate the passing of time. It turns out that whether we’re watching a clip from Terminator 2 or staring at a red dot on the whiteboard, we tended to overestimate the amount of time passed.
  • Nadja Sayej rocked the boat with her in-your-face style of art criticism. She screened the previously unavailable “Three Worst Episodes” of ArtStars* TV in an effort to turn weakness into strength, though the crowd still thought they were only worth 2 stars out of 5. Obviously a spirited discussion ensued. Nadja had to rush off early to interview artist and musician Peaches for an upcoming ArtStars* episode, but you can catch up with Nadja and her art world craziness at
  • Zahra Ebrahim closed the evening with a talk about her company, archiTEXT, and their attempts to bring the world of architecture to the level of everyday people. Complete with “architect glasses,” people got to draw pictures of their childhood homes, which served as an excellent access point into discussions of the buildings in which we live and work.

For more excellent pictures from the evening check out our Flickr set here.

A final thank you to Connie Tsang, photographer extraordinaire, who documented the proceedings so ably.