Mini Maker Faire :: Toronto Edition

Site 3 coLaboratory and the Treehouse Group are joining together to put on a Mini Maker Faire in Toronto!

The term “Maker” refers to a growing community of hobbyists and professionals – including a range of people, from hackers to crafters – who are dedicated to the act of creation: everything from technological gadgets to clothing, software to home furnishings, and beyond. It is a culture built on do-it-yourself (DIY) values, which in many cases involves taking something that is mass-produced and repurposing it to create something new.

A Maker Faire is a place for Makers to come together to compare notes, see what others are doing, and to spark ideas for new projects and expanded collaboration. It facilitates the exchange of information throughout a community whose members in many cases work alone or in semi-isolated groups.

Mini Maker Faire Toronto will facilitate this exchange by including commercial and non-commercial Makers, independent designers, hackerspaces, workshops, demos and speakers. It will open up the community and their projects to outsiders, and encourage discourse between visitors and participants, not just between the Makers themselves. The event will be equal parts entertainment and education for the varied cross-section of visitors that will be in attendance. The majority of our booths will be interactive, and visitors will have opportunities to take home a part of the experience when they participate in the workshops on offer.

Reserve the weekend of May 7 & 8, 2011, for The Maker Magic.