Grown-Up Science Fair (GUSF): 2010 Edition

Those lucky enough to turn into human pretzels on the Periodic Table Twister and make a big (scientific!) mess with Flubber at last year’s Grown-Up Science Fair (GUSF) will be both thrilled and relieved to hear that the Treehouse Group will once again be partnering with city-wide science festival Science Rendezvous for the 2010 edition.

Moving along Queen Street West, this year’s Evening of Madness will be taking place at the Rhino. Our goal is to connect as many scientists and non-scientists as can fit in one room, in order to investigate the lighter, fun side of science and technology in Toronto.

This year’s party will be on May 8, from 8pm – 12am at the Rhino (1249 Queen Street West).

If you’d like learn more about and/or get involved with the GUSF, please contact Joe Wilson at joe