Grown-Up Science Fair (GUSF) 2010

The 2010 edition of the Grown-Up Science Fair, held May 8th, had even more displays than in previous years, and we were all thrilled to see the roughly 300 people who came out and participated so enthusiastically.

Some of this year’s highlights included: Transcription Hero with Jeremy Feingold from Spongelab Interactive, where players used the Guitar Hero controller to transcribe a section of DNA; mealworm art; an experiment which sought to find out which gender has better reflexes (before and after a few beers); and one which determined the effects that happy or sad images have on people when they are composing music. These, on top of our annual displays of Flubber, Periodic Table Twister (a Twister game set entirely on a giant-sized periodic table), the Scientific Arts & Crafts table, and the baking soda volcanoes, ensured there was more than enough to do until the wee hours of the morning.

Thanks again to everyone who came out – we hope to see you next year!