Art, Science & the Brain: New Models of Learning for the 21st Century

If you’ve subscribed to our newsletter you’ve likely already read about this, but we’d like to make another plug for the GREAT looking knowledge eXchange, Art, Science and the Brain: New Models of Learning for the 21st Century. If you’re interested in the possibilities that exist in education you’ll want to reserve this October 31-November 1 to attend.

Co-presented by ArtsSmarts & Social Innovation Generation at the MaRS Discovery District (SiG@MaRS), it will be devoted to exploring the nature of inquiry-based learning and its effect on our brains. Attendees will be called upon to take part in all kinds of interactive seminars that put into practice the inquiry-based learning techniques that are being discussed.

The price of admission also includes entry to a great evening cocktail event featuring a presentation and book-signing by Dr. Daniel Levitin (James McGill Professor of psychology, music & Computer science, McGill University; Author, This is Your Brain on Music and The World in Six Songs), and a live performance of Surface Tension by Eve Egoyan and David Rokeby.

Featured Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Mariale Hardiman (Assistant Dean, Urban Schools Partnership; Chair, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Education, Johns Hopkins University School of Education)
  • Dr. Stan Kutcher (Professor, Dalhousie University Department of Psychiatry; Sunlife Financial Chair in Adolescent Mental Health Director, WHO Collaborating Centre)
  • Stephen Huddart (President & COO, The J.W. McConnell Family Foundation)

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