University Health Network’s Cafe Scientifique

The Treehouse Group is happy to support the efforts of the University Health Network, who are hosting a salon-style discussion on the topic of regenerative medicine.  On October 7 at 6pm, head down to O’Grady’s pub on College (at Beverley) and take part in a “Cafe Scientifique”.  The event embraces the Treehouse philosophy of exploring the intersections between different disciplines to try and uncover innovative new ideas.  They will have scientists, an economist and a bioethicist talking about the economic advantages of the new wave of regenerative medicine hitting Toronto’s hospitals.  The evening will really heat up when the microphone turns to the audience for questions.  Join the Walrus Magazine discussion group to get your brain warmed up to the issue, or just drop by O’Gradys on the 7th and say ‘Hi’.